The history of printing in Szczecin is not very long since the city itself does not have a publishing tradition. The only well known publishing houses were (now non-existing) Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza and Wydawnictwo "Glob".

With time the need for posters, placards, brochures, leaflets and, last but not least, books grew, opening a void for a professional, reliable and versatile print house. This way in 1989 KAdruk emerged on Szczecin’s market. Our mission was to contribute to the growth of local culture through our work.

Due to posters and leaflets encouraging people to take part in many art exhibitions, concerts and plays, we enabled a better flow of information and promoted many interesting endeavors. In over twenty years of service, we have collaborated with many educational and cultural institutions in Szczecin.

Our clientele is demanding, therefore for many years we emphasize the importance of quality work, by investing in new machinery and print solutions, along with qualified manpower. We are open to the new, try to be flexible and adjust our offer to best meet the needs of various target groups.

To ensure the satisfaction of our clients, we hire and co-operate with specialists in various fields: IT, graphics and visual art. Many of whom are professors and graduates of universities and art schools in Szczecin.

Through out our work we have promoted local history and current events of West Pomerania. Our albums, monographs and catalogs are a valuable documentation of local history and passed events. Our brochures, folders and posters encourage receivers to dive into the mists of history, we all take part in creating. We are proud of our products:

  • Bilingual album with archival photographs “Księstwo Pomorskie 1180–1648 ("Herzogtum Pommern 1180–1648")"
  • Album "Cmentarz Centralny w Szczecinie"
  • Large format maps "Przestrzenny rozwój Szczecina"
  • "Mapy historyczne Pomorza Zachodniego od XVI do XXI wieku", group collaboration "Pomorze Zachodnie w tysiącleciu"


We regularly publish „ Kronike Szczecina”-a municipal yearbook, as well as ” Szczeciński Informator Archiwalny”-a bulletin for the National Archive in Szczecin. Our involvement in local affairs and concern for regional history was appreciated and acknowledged, as we received an honorary title “Patron of Culture and Art” in 1999. Kadruk has loyal and long time partners and thanks to its efficiency and flexibility we gain new ones year by year. The trick is not to open a business, but to stay afloat on the market, constantly raising the quality of offered products and maintaining ones unique character and work methods. Our long tradition enables us to exactly do so.